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Лучший способ понять применение предлогов - обратиться к моделям, мысленно попрыгать, как это делает мышка возле коробки


Ниже вы можете посмотреть примеры употребления некоторых предлогов забавными персонажами Ричарда Скарри. А вообще разных предлогов в английском языке существует чуть более сотни.

Pickles and the piglets are about to have supper.

The piglets are running about.

  Sit at your places, piglets!

A mosquito is flying above Flossie’s head.

It is over her head.

Look out, Flossie!

Hooligan walked across Smiley to the other side of the stream.

Two cats were fighting against each other.

One pushed the other against Ma Pig’s clothesline.

Ali Cat walked all the way along the fence.

Squeaky went along. He went with Ali Cat.

Mamma divided the cake among the beggars

She gave some to each of them.

Poor beggars!

Gus is below Annie Ant.

He is singing beneath here window.

He sings, “O sole mio!”

Hooligan is sitting beside Big Hilda.

 He is sitting next to her.

Look out! Big Hilda is falling asleep.

Babykins has made a mess.

He is sitting in the middle of Mother’s new rag.

The sun was shining overhead.

                         Macintosh was walking over the bridge.

Bully pushed him over into dirt.

Macintosh threw Bully over the side.

Bully went under! Good for you, Macintosh!     

The sun came up.

Doodledoo got up.

         He buttoned up his jacket.

   He stood up on his toes and said, “Cock-a-doodle-do!”

Henny wished that he would shut up

       and let her sleep until later.

Bully trampled upon Ma Pig’s Flowers.

Macintosh stopped him and put a flower

upon him.